Choosing The Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Your Area


Attorneys provide essential services to their communities. Just like other trades have specialists, lawyers are specialists in their areas of practice. However, finding the right lawyer for your needs isn’t always a simple task. When looking for a lawyer in Oklahoma City, you’ll need to consider many different points before making your choice.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources and techniques that can help you find the right lawyer for your case. If you’re not sure where to start or you just want some help, read through the below tips to find the best lawyer in Oklahoma City and beyond.

How to Find a Great OKC Lawyer

Understand Specializations

The first key to finding a good lawyer is ensuring you know what kind of lawyer you need. For instance, family lawyers, criminal lawyers, and social security lawyers all practice very different kinds of law, and their expertise doesn’t always overlap. Thus, if you need help with a social security claim, you want to ensure you’re looking for lawyers with experience in that area. Most lawyers and law firms are very clear about their practice areas on their websites, social media listings, and directory listings. However, if you aren’t sure whether a lawyer covers your needs, you can always simply call and ask.

Always Talk to More than One Lawyer

When hiring a lawyer, it helps to think of yourself as an employer looking for an employee. And just like an employer, you should always interview more than one candidate before hiring someone on. Talking to multiple lawyers gives you some big advantages when it comes to making a final choice:

  • You understand what skills are common between lawyers in a given area and which ones stand out.
  • You have an opportunity to compare costs, services, and availability.
  • You gain a bit of perspective on your case.

Interviewing multiple lawyers can take time and effort, but it also helps you make the best choice possible. If you have the option available to you, you should always try to take it.

Ensure Everything is Clear

Legal agreements can be complicated, and that’s as true of agreements with lawyers as anything else. When you sign on with a lawyer, ensure you understand all of the different needs, requirements, goals and expectations for all parties involved. Remember, your lawyer is your employee, not your boss – they shouldn’t be leaving you in the dark about anything.

Work Out Costs Ahead of Time

Legal services have a reputation for being expensive, but it’s a reputation that isn’t always earned. Most of the time lawyers only charge when they win your case – if you don’t get a settlement in your favor your lawyer doesn’t get anything either. This can provide an incentive for them to win on your behalf, but it also can obscure just how much their services cost. Make sure you understand from the start how much your lawyer plans to charge and how they will collect their fees.

Have Materials Ready

Lawyers provide a service, but since their work is based on your life they often need your cooperation to do it right. If you’re filing a claim or a suit that is based on documentation, records, or past agreements, you should be able to show your lawyer everything first-hand. For instance, if you’re filing a Social Security Disability claim, you should be able to show your lawyer your Social Security information, your medical records, and any correspondence from your workplace relevant to your claim. These materials make your lawyer’s job easier and ensure they can provide fast and effective service.

Remember Your Attorney Works for You

In the end, remember that your attorney is a contracted employee who is working for you. If at any time you feel dissatisfied, you shouldn’t be afraid to say so. Similarly, if you think your lawyer isn’t providing good services and they can’t or won’t change, don’t hesitate to fire them and find someone else. The worst thing in the legal world is to have representation that you don’t trust or don’t work well with. It’s always important to be satisfied with your lawyer and his or her services.

In the end, the key to success with a lawyer is finding someone you trust to do a good job. Simply be patient and persistent and you’ll find the right lawyer for your case in Oklahoma or anywhere else.


Factors to Consider when Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney

Successful man portrait

Not all lawyers are equal. If you’re searching for a lawyer in Oklahoma City, you want to ensure they will meet all your needs and have the skills and experience necessary to get you great results. Finding a skilled lawyer takes time and patience. In addition, you need to be able to judge whether your chosen lawyer has the skills and qualities necessary to do well. Here are a few of the major qualities every good lawyer in Oklahoma City should have:

Communication Skills

One key skill a lawyer should have is good communication skills. Legal work often hinges on your lawyer’s ability to communicate with you, with other lawyers, with witnesses, with employees, and more. If your lawyer can’t communicate well he or she may get shut out or turned away, or they might have trouble arguing your case to a judge or jury. Lawyers also need to be able to write well to file briefs and other documents, and they need to listen well to ensure they are meeting all their client’s needs and getting everything done that they should be.

Persuasion & Personality

A big part of a lawyer’s job is knowing the law, but another big part is convincing others that their knowledge and interpretations are correct. Having a strong personality and good persuasive skills is essential for being a good lawyer. However, they also have to know how to adapt their personality to fit the situation so that people don’t feel pushed around or put off.

Research Skills

No lawyer knows all of the laws, regulations, and cases in their field. Because of this, it’s essential that a lawyer is able to research and review information quickly and accurately. They also have to be able to decide what information is relevant and what they can ignore or move past. Often this skill comes with experience, which is why choosing a lawyer who has fought and won many cases in his or her specialty is important.

Analytical Ability

Along with researching legal precedents and data, lawyers also have to be able to analyze many disparate sources of information like paperwork, records, bills, computer data and statistics to draw inferences and get results. Sometimes a case hinges on a particular piece of evidence or a single line in a contract. If your lawyer can’t effectively analyze this information and put it together to develop your case, there’s a good chance you won’t win. Additionally, lawyers need to be able to turn that same critical eye on the evidence and arguments of the opposition in order to spot holes and weaknesses to help your own case.

Great Judgement

Finally, lawyers have to be able to decide which avenues and ideas to pursue and which aren’t worth it. Good judgement and decision-making ability is essential in a lawer, especially in large or complex cases where many aspects are in play at once.

Creative Problem Solving

Legal problems aren’t always obvious, and solutions don’t always present themselves. Sometimes it takes a lot of creativity and willingness to “think outside the box” for a lawyer to win a case. Every legal case and situation is different, and your lawyer must be able to adapt to changing circumstances and come up with creative, workable responses in order to get good results.

Patience & Perseverance

Finally, lawyers need to be patient and perseverant. Legal matters take a long time – it’s common for legal cases to last months or years. Yet, your lawyer must be ready to respond to any changing legal situation at any time during that period. This takes both a great deal of attention and lots of patience so you know when to make a move and when to wait.

It can be hard to find a good Oklahoma lawyer, but if you keep your eyes open for lawyers with the above qualities you’ll end up with a great legal relationship and a positive result in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Law in Oklahoma


When you’re injured in an accident or other circumstance, it’s common to have questions about the legal aspects of your injury. Get the answers you need about Oklahoma personal injury law and contact a personal injury lawyer in OKC today.

How much is my case worth?

It’s impossible to say how much a personal injury case is worth in general, since every case depends on the factors involved. For instance, the nature of your injuries, the type of accident that caused them, and factors like insurance, workers’ compensation, and medical treatment can all affect the “value” of your case. The best way to find out what your case is worth and how much compensation you could be eligible for is to get a free consultation with an OKC personal injury lawyer.

How long does a personal injury case take?

Again, your case’s time frame depends on how complex it is. Simple property damage or minor injury claims can be resolved in days or weeks, but major injury claims and claims against companies or corporations can take much longer. One way you can help ensure the best and quickest outcome for your case is to collect as much evidence and material as possible from the start, including medical records, receipts, and any correspondence with the other party or parties.

Also, keep in mind that sometimes good results take time. Since you only get one chance to file a personal injury claim for a given event, it’s important to be patient and to work with a skilled injury lawyer to ensure you get the best results.

How much do I need to pay?

Every Oklahoma City law firm is different, but for personal injury cases most operate on a contingency basis – in other words, you don’t pay unless you win your case. When you do win, your legal fees are taken out of your settlement.

Do I need to see a doctor?

When you file a personal injury claim, the type and extent of your injuries are a factor in how much compensation you are eligible for. However, only a doctor can diagnose those factors. In other words, if you don’t get any treatment it’s unlikely you will get much in the way of compensation. In some cases an OKC lawyer can help you find a doctor who will work with you on medical fees and scheduling.

Is there a time limit on personal injury claims?

Not necessarily, but the earlier you file a claim the better chances you have of getting a positive result. Personal injury claims and compensation are often based in part on testimony and evidence, and these can be hard to track down after longer periods of time. For instance, if you are injured in a car accident, it’s good to hire an attorney as soon as possible so he or she can examine the accident scene, talk to the reporting officer, and get access to medical records and other information as it becomes available.

Will my case go to trial?

There is always a possibility of a lawsuit going to trial, but in most cases personal injury claims in Oklahoma are settled out-of-court. Most attorneys will also give you the choice of whether to pursue a trial or not. They may advise you to pursue or not pursue a trial, but in the end it is your decision.